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Not tonight

My fiancĂ©, J, has recently told me that he may not be in the mood for sex in the near future. He’s dealing with a lot of emotional issues right now, and just isn’t feeling it. Intellectually, I am perfectly fine with this. I’ve talked with him about how touch and sex are an important way of communicating how I feel about him, and how obviously I can’t make him be sexual with me, but it’s important that this be temporary. Intellectually speaking, I’m confident that it will be.

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Fillyjonk at Shapely Prose mentioned a somewhat horrifying article at the Atlantic arguing that women should “settle” for marrying someone they don’t necessarily love now (in their 20s) rather than waiting until they’re 35 and desperate to marry someone – anyone – in a quest to avoid spending the rest of their life alone. Pandragon has already done a good job tearing it apart, but I’d like to add a few thoughts of my own. The article itself is 4 pages long, so for those who’d like to save their sanity for more important things, I’ll just pick some choice parts.

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