Quick Hit: Heelarious

From a link at Fashion Incubator: Heelarious – Her First High Heels!

These just disturb me so much. They have everything wrong with them. Why should babies wear heels? So they will encourage pedophiles (after all, what are high heels about if not sex)? So they can start malforming their foot bones as early as possible? I can’t think of any good reason to do this. Although I should give the creators some credit – assuming that the shoes are made of a soft/stretchy fabric, they probably won’t do any damage to a little girl’s feet. But these are being promoted as “her first high heels”. Who is making her second and third high heels, and what does it do to a girl’s body development if she’s got her own high heels to wear starting as soon as she can walk?

Unfortunately, I would not be surprised if this becomes a big trend. So cute! So heel-arious! You get to make that pun every time someone comments on them! I just hope that people who put these on their children get a good kick in the eye with a baby high heel the first time they’re trying to change their baby’s diaper.

That would be heel-arious.

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  1. Lori said

    I have seen these shoes at a sales show and they are not real heels! It is totally cute and its just decorative like a bow you would put on your baby girl’s head. Its not to get girls to start wearing high heels early its just something cute!

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